Sparks fly when Ferry Svan swings his axe and wields his chainsaw in the crowd-pleasing sport Timbersport. Speed, strength, safety, precision and endurance are the qualities needed to succeed. The very same qualities that have shaped Axelent’s success, albeit with a completely different focus than timber.

Ferry Svan juniorvärldsmästare i Timbersport

Ferry Svan i samarbete med Axelent AB

Timbersport comprises six disciplines; Hot Saw, Underhand Chop, Stihl Stock Saw, Springboard, Single Buck and Standing Block Chop. It may seem incomprehensible to the uninitiated, but the sport is about completing six high intensity disciplines as quickly as possible using an axe or a chainsaw.

Ferry Svan

Ferry Svan is 21 and reigning Junior World Champion in Timbersport (Hamburg, 2017). The World Championship title gave him a wildcard to the Stihl Timbersports Champions Trophy, taking place in Marseille, France, on May 26. He is seen as a rising star in Timbersport and came second in the Nordic Championships 2017 (for seniors). His name may seem familiar to some of you. He is the son of Swedish skiing legend Gunde Svan.

Welcome to a safe world

Axelent is devoted to providing safety solutions to industry, warehousing and storage the world over. The company has summarised its work in the simple slogan Welcome to a Safe World. How does that rhyme with Timbersport? Ferry Svan puts it this way:
“Safety is extremely important in Timbersport. The rules are similar in many respects to machine safety norms. I have more in common with Axelent than meets the eye. We both have to act swiftly but safely. I have to put a lot of work into training endurance and precision, Axelent have to be well-versed and precise in their work. I’m very excited about the partnership with Axelent. They’re helping me fulfil my dream of becoming world champion at senior level too.”

About Axelent

Based in Hillerstorp, Sweden, Axelent has become a complete company group in the field of machine safety and smart solutions for secure and effective industry, partitioning and storage. Our stringent demands on safety, speed and smart solutions has made us a market leader within these segments. Axelent is represented in 60 countries the world over.

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