Meet Drew Hoxey, Director, Axelent Australia

Having never had a formal interview it was quite a daunting experience, after a few minutes of stumbling I spoke up and confessed to Stefan that this was my first interview, on which he looked at me then looked down at my CV and asked how I had ended up with my previous roles. I explained, got the job and made my way up in the role and company.


Drew Hoxey)


How are things in Australia – with the pandemic situation and the consequences it brings? 

 Life in Australia at the moment on a day-to-day life is semi normal, everything is open and there are no restrictions. We have been very lucky here compared to some countries. Our company Axelent Australia, has been open the whole time and not had to force leave or shutdowns. However we have had to change the way we do business.

As each state has its own rules and borders it makes for travel between states very difficult. I had planned to travel to Melbourne (Victoria) and the border has been shut as there has been a few new cases that have come from a quarantine Hotel. The ramifications from this are if you are wanting to travel back home you have to quarantine and do the tests. It has shown more than ever the need for local representation. Especially when the area we try to cover fits the whole Europe.

It has always been the plan to build the company to have sales teams in each State, however I feel with what’s happening we are needing to move quicker and smarter with our ideas. We have always had to work remotely and a lot of the time work from far and sell the product, which has helped during this pandemic.

However, this is a lot harder when you are trying to get new customer and sales, people like to touch and feel to understand what they are getting and understand the concepts of the products.

How did your journey at Axelent begin and how have your career at the company developed from that time?

In November 2014, I was recommended to Axelent and went to an interview at the old office with Stefan Axelsson (one of the owners from Sweden) and our previous Director.  

Having never had a formal interview it was quite a daunting experience, after a few minutes of stumbling I spoke up and confessed to Stefan that this was my first interview, on which he looked at me then looked at my CV and asked how I had ended up with my previous roles. I explained, got the job and made my way up in the role and company.

I joined the team in January 2015 as a Business development Manager for VIC NSW and QLD (states in Australia), at the time I was travelling once a month and rotating around the states. Soon it became obvious that this wasn’t enough, and more was needed and started travelling every few weeks.

Working for a Axelent is great as you are always doing different things and selling different product to different demographics, which gives you challenges as well as satisfaction.

When our Director decided to leave in the September 2016, I was asked to become the new one, this was a huge step up but I knew I was up to the challenge. I produced a 5-year plan and showed it to Stefan and his words was “make it work then”.   

I am glad to say that due to the amazing team we have we have managed to “make it work” and have opened a first-class facility here in Adelaide which was opened in August 2018. We are now looking at getting a rep in QLD as well as expanding the team locally to support the orders coming in.


You have been at Axelent for quite some time – can you share an Axelent memory with us?

I have been with Axelent for over 6 years now and to share just one story is a tall ask, so here a couple.

I remember being told Axelent is a family business and you are a person not just a number, it’s one thigs to hear this but to have an owner the other side of the world that remembers all of the staffs names no matter what role they have is impressive let alone the fact he has rolled up his sleeves and helped the team, from unloading contains on a 46-degree day, to setting up racking, to packing an order is amazing.

Going to Sweden to Axelent HQ for a sales meeting, this was an amazing experience to sit with colleagues from all over the world discussing everything and receive the sales training. Going through the factory understanding the processes as well as how it all works along with the vision of the future. I could honestly talk all day about the great memories so far.


How would you describe an ordinary day at work?

No 2 days are the same, we are a close net team, so we speak every day due to some of the team being split all over the country. Chasing new customers, doing designs as well as site visits and digital meetings.

The one thing we try to do every Friday afternoon is a sit down at the end of the week to chat about the week and make sure everyone is ok and there are no issues before we all leave.


What do you like most about your job?

I class myself as a very lucky person as I love my job and also working within an amazing team. Watching the company and team grow is the best feeling as well as selling a great product that you not only like but also completely believe in is amazing. 
I try to make sure that we all leave work happier than we arrived. Everyone in the team does an amazing job and we all know that others depend on us so this drives us.

What is most challenging for you in your job?

Most challenging part for me especially during COVID-19 is trying to keep the team connected and feeling a true member of the team.


What characterizes a typical Axelent-person?

My description of a typical Axelent person, would have to be a person who always puts the customer first, always works as a team knowing that as a team we will always win. Also, that no matter who gets enquiry, or the order, who packs the order or ships it we are nothing without each other.

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