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Emil stepping into the role of warehouse manager at Axelent Safe-X

In August 2020, Emil will step into the role of warehouse manager at Axelent Safe-X. Meet Emil, who’s followed an exciting career path here at Axelent!

How it all started at Axelent
Emil has worked at Axelent for about six years in total, spending the first thirteen months picking orders in the evenings. Following this, Emil joined the sales team at another company, although he returned to Axelent nine months later, in 2015, this time picking orders in the daytime instead. After about a year, Emil was promoted to team leader at the warehouse. Emil’s responsibilities included helping out with the day-to-day work, but gradually his role became increasingly more administrative, largely concerned with managing day-to-day operations instead.

More recently
In November 2018, Emil joined Team Yellow in customer service, and it’s from this role that he’ll be switching to his new job in August. His role in customer service is to draw and plan cells for customers. This often entails starting from scratch. It’s a job in which you need to be able to consider many different parameters, as well as keep customers satisfied while meeting their needs. During his time at the warehouse, Emil often came into contact with our slightly odder and more unusual products, which is reflected in his work in customer service. He likes to embrace somewhat unusual and custom solutions that can be tricky to put together, and he considers this a fun challenge. This planning provides the customer with a comprehensive drawing, complete with dimensions, component products and costs.

“It’s this very opportunity, to get to grow within Axelent, that inspires you to stay. I never would’ve changed jobs if it wasn’t within the same company.”


Why have you stayed here?

“Family!” Emil exclaims right off the bat.
“It feels like we’re one big family, and one of the main reasons I’ve stayed is definitely all my fantastic colleagues. There’s a special tight-knit community here. There are never any problems, just possibilities!” 

In August 2020, Emil will step into the role of warehouse manager at Axelent Safe-X

What do you think of your new role?

“Extremely exciting! Naturally, I’ve also got butterflies, but it always feels like that when you’re going to do something new. I’m really looking forward to getting back to the logistics side. I get restless easily sitting still, so I like having a job where things happen. It feels like a fresh start, what with both a new job and new premises.

“It’s this very opportunity, to get to grow within Axelent, that inspires you to stay. I never would’ve changed jobs if it wasn’t within the same company.”

What are your expectations for your new position, and what are you most looking forward to?

“My experiences give me many ideas, and this feels like an opportunity to start afresh and plan something completely from scratch, such as planning the goods flows and the storage layout in the new warehouse. It feels like a new start!

“I’m very much looking forward to working with and learning about new products. Being able to plan how we pack them so that they’re handled as safely as possible to protect the goods while also keeping costs down.

“I’ll be involved in developing our new warehouse from the ground up, and it feels great to be involved from the get-go.”

5 quick questions for Emil Rask

City or countryside?

Activity or relaxation?

Eat out or at home?
At home

Favourite place?
London! I’ve probably been there 20, 25 times.

Hidden talent?
A great memory, especially for numbers! Sometimes too much information sticks, but it might come in handy some day!

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