Guillermo Magretti)


He remembers the first time he got in contact with Axelent, a company that caught his interest.

- Back then I was working within the automotive business. A great friend of mine, Jose Luis, told me about Axelent and convinced me to change to the “yellow side”.

Guillermo followed his wise friend’s advice, and today he has been a part of our team for nine years. Currently he works as Area Manager and is responsible for sales in northern Spain and Portugal. A work where he dedicates his time to satisfy the needs of his clients.

- I think that is the most important thing for an Area Manager. Keeping the existing customers happy, getting new projects and keeping the portfolio alive. And of course, without forgetting the bureaucratic tasks, which is obviously equally important.



Tell us about a normal day at work?

- Oh, I don’t know if I can do that, since no days are alike. I’m usually travelling, so it’s not normal for me to be at the office. I try to make about six appointments a day and some time for extra prospects for the same area dedicated to potential clients. So, I must organize these visits and work areas so they fit my daily routes.

Guillermo describes the company culture at Axelent as “a culture of organization and professionalism”. A flexible workplace where you always get support and quick answers to your questions.

- Our entire team is always ready to help, and we feel the support from a strong and serious management.

The things Guillermo likes best with his job is the possibility of travelling, meeting new people and be able to create links with clients that an indoor salesperson could not.

- If you are at the office you don’t get an overview of the customer and their business and needs. Personally I find it easier to get my own impression on site before I come up with proposals and solutions.

Although Guillermo think there is great weight to the positive aspects of his work, there are also challenges. The competition in the industry is one of them.

- On the product level it’s hard to compete against Axelent. But as a salesperson you always have to be alert and have your mind on the task. Therefore, it is important to travel a lot and meet the clients in order to stay informed and have an approximate control over what happens in the industrial sector.

Finally, do you have any advice to give people who are curious about working at Axelent?

- I would really encourage them to contact us. It is a workplace full of trust, and a great opportunity to grow both personally and professionally within the leading company in the industry when it comes to machinery protection and safety solutions. You will not be disappointed.

Meet Guillermo Magretti, Area Manager at Axelent Spain

Guillermo Magretti was born in Argentina and came to Spain and Barcelona to study.
After years of hard studies, including law, he graduated from the university in 2011 with a MBA in General Management.

Guillermo describes himself as a proactive person with a constant desire to learn new things and develop professionally as well as personally. Besides spending time with his family, he is passionate about everything related to motors. In his spare time, he loves going out and ridings his moto and quad.


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