We Are Axelent – Patrick Rommel – Marketing Assistant at Axelent Germany


Tell us a little bit about you work experience and your background?

Before I joined Axelent I was in the sports business. I studied business administration with focus on marketing and sports management, and I also studied abroad for a few months in Denmark. After an internship at an agency, I finished my master’s degree in sports management.

After my studies I started at the handball club TVB Stuttgart (the team is playing in the first German division) and a major part of my responsibility was working with sponsoring and events.

What is your role at Axelent and what do you do during a typical workday?

At Axelent Germany I am working as a sales and marketing assistant and I’m responsible, in close co-working with our Managing Director Harald Steidle, for the entire marketing strategy for Germany. Due to the pandemic the last year’s work has been different to the normal and more focused on online marketing and IT improvements, especially social media. We also found new ways to do sales. Further all the marketing material and brochures for the German market is my responsibility and I am also responsible for press articles and the press work.

This autumn we attended once again at the Motek fair in Stuttgart. The organization around the stand and fair is a major part of my tasks.

Further I’m part of the collaboration work within the Axelent World Marketing-team (AWM), where we have a regularly exchange about different topics concerning the Axelent Group. Subjects we discuss are the different branches to find our customers and of course about marketing related strategies and projects in the futures. 
A special part of Axelent Germany is our sector Axelent ProfiServices, which is our service sector for safety and topics around safety, risk assessment etc. In the context of Axelent ProfiServices we offer seminars around a “safe world”, which are held by our safety expert Matthias Schulz and together with two colleagues I organize and promote these seminars.

At Axelent Germany we are proud to have three great sport ambassadors (Anna Seidel, Coletta Rydzek + Johannes Rydzek) and a sports club (TVB Stuttgart) that represents Axelent since several years. These partnerships are cared especially by our MD but with my support, which I really like due to my background.

Besides this I support the customer support team as well, which helps a lot in the marketing work that I do, to understand the product and the needs of the customers better and better.

I think there is no typical workday at Axelent. Of course, there are some routines from the marketing side, that comes up daily, weekly or monthly. Due to my different tasks, the support in the customer support and the collab with the AWM-Team I like this varied work a lot and it motivates me highly to work at Axelent.

Which are your best qualities and how can those be a complement to your team?

Hard to say about yourself but I would say I’m a typical team player and I identify myself as a person with a high operational readiness. I always try to have a good atmosphere within a team, and I think a good teamwork is the best for a company to be successful!

What attracted you to Axelent and how did you first get in contact with the brand?

The first contact with Axelent was when I worked at the handball club TVB Stuttgart. Axelent was a sponsor, and it was my responsibly to take care of the collaboration from the club-side. This was now 6 years ago.  During this partnership we also had a small project with fencing from Axelent, so here I got my first contact with Axelent’s machine guarding product, X-Guard. From then me, the MD and his colleagues were in a close exchange in different kind of projects, e.g. players visited Axelent on fairs and Axelent did customer events in the context of a home game.  With all this good work I got to know Axelent better and when I decided that I wanted to have a change in my business career I talked with the MD of Axelent Germany, Harald Steidle, about it. Axelent with their products and values, the team and of course the new tasks and the focus on sponsoring was a very nice and attractive opportunity for me and for my next step in my working career.



5 fast questions

Eat out or at home?

Eat out, especially now in times of the pandemic to meet friends again and support local restaurants

Coffee or tea?


Relax on the beach or sight-seeing?

Both are nice and it depends on the way of travelling. But relaxing on the beach.

Book or movie?

While I’m on vacation I prefer reading a book. At home I usually choose a movie.

Which is the nicest place you have visited so far?

Difficult one. I would say Canada so far due to the great nature, the wildlife and some great cities. To travel around with a RV (= recreational vehicle) was a great experience.

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