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A partnership could begin locally then grow into something global. The partnership between Axelent and the BEUMER Group is one of those.

BEUMER Group is world leader within intralogistics in the fields of conveying, loading, palletising, packaging, sortation and distribution technology Together with Axelent, safety is even better – Axelent supplies X-Guard mesh panel systems, X-Tray cable routing systems and X-Tra optional accessories to the BEUMER Group’s assignments
Andreas Gotemark
Andreas Gotemark

It all began with a collaboration between Axelent and Danish Crisplant A/S (now BEUMER Group A/S). For a few years, Axelent had the opportunity to showcase their delivery assurance, service and holistic approach. This paved the way for an international partnership with the BEUMER Group.

This impacts airports, among other things, all over the world,” says Axelent's Andreas Gotmark. When the BEUMER Group supplies well designed baggage handling systems to airports around the world, Axelent provides the safety solutions surrounding the systems.

BEUMER Group has designed and delivered more than 1,500 baggage handling systems world-wide. From the massive systems demanded by the largest airports hubs to medium-sized systems for regional airports. To see how a modern end-to-end baggage handling system works, have a peek at one of BEUMER Group’s videos here: https://bit.ly/2J0FEpR

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