X-Tray to the Caspian Sea

Axelent Delivers Cable Trays To Caspian Sea)


Axelent delivers to a major off-shore project in the Caspian Sea. 

- We got a larger order of our product sortiment X-Tray. Cabeltrays, fittings and special designed brackets was sent out to the site. Our partner in this project is Emtunga Solutions AB and the construction project is called Azeri-Central-East (ACE) and is located in Azerbaijan's part of the Caspian Sea. Some of the construction work has already begun and is expected to continue until middle of 2022, says Daniel Filipsson, Product Manager of X-Tray

Axelent offers the widest range of cable trays at the market, with a wide selection of finishes to suit all industries and demands. Read more about how to choose the right cable tray or try Axelent’s X-Tray Calculation Tool to work out the number of cable trays and accessories you need for your project.

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