Axelent are celebrating 10 years of round corners


As we continuously adapt our machine guards and other products to the requirements and requests of our customers, we push the limits in 2012 and introducted yet another quality product. Our commitment to quality and innovation marked us to be the first on the market to launch machine guards with rounded corners – X-Guard Contour.


"We strive to continuously develop our core products and find new perspectives outside of the norm"


Delivering machine guards that comply with all safety and function requirements and directives is crucial. The industry has previously only focused on function and not form and the guard has only been seen as a necessity. But we at Axelent started to integrate design, simplicity and intelligent solutions to our products to differentiate us as a supplier. 

With a typical manufacturing process that is adapted to a specific product form, it makes it easy to become complacent. We are forward thinkers and innovators. We never settle for acceptable and are always driving for exceptional. We strive to continuously develop our core products and find new perspectives outside of the norm.

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