Once a year, Axelent AB, Axelent Engineering and Axelent Software meet for team-building activities. This year there was also the official opening of Axelent Arena - Axelent's sports hall.

Fourteen teams Competed for Best Team

165 colleagues in Axelent Group Sweden met at Axelent AB in Hillerstorp for joint lunch and subsequent team competitions. Fourteen teams competed in seven different creative competitions where time and team work were crucial factors. The top three teams were awarded prizes.

Opening of Axelent Arena

After the team competitions, it was time for the opening of the Axelent Arena. The blue and yellow colored band was cut by Axelent's owners together with Johan Lindbom, coach of HV71 men.

Bandklippning på invigningen av Axelent Arena

Axelent Arena is a sports hall built for Axelent's employees. In the arena you can choose between playing floorball, mini tennis or badminton. There are also ultramodern spinning bikes.

HV71 Versus Axelent Group's Management

The highlight for many was the fixtured floorball game between Axelent Group's management and HV71. The two teams gave both heart and soul and there was never talk of giving up, even when times were tough.

The end result might not be surprising. HV71 won the game 7 to 1. The game was followed by a nervous penalty shootout for the audience's delight. It was also won by HV71, but not as convincing (3-2 was the result).

Axelents ledning utmanar HV71 i innebandy

Lecture by HV71's mental coach

Magnus Carlsson, mental coach at HV71, began his lecture interviewing the coach of HV71 men's team, Johan Lindbom. After that, Carlsson's entertaining lecture followed with the importance of each individual in a successful team.

Magnus Carlsson, HV71 föreläser på Axelents kickoff

The kickoff ended with food, mingling and distribution of 165 bags containing X-marked exercise clothes and shoes.

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