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Sweden’s largest island, Gotland, offers an unrivalled mix of natural beauty, historical monuments and big city pulse. Half an hour from the medieval town of Visby lies Slite Strandby, a holiday resort with cabins and hotels a stone's throw from the beach and sea. With the help of Elkedjans member company, Slite El, parts of Slite Strandby are now just as inviting when darkness falls.



Elkedjan Teknik is Sweden's leading electrical installation network made up of over 200 member companies. Around 1,700 electricians are linked to Elkedjan.

Henry Melin, Purchasing, Elkedjan Teknik:

“How I came into contact with Axelent? I live in Hillerstorp where the Axelent head office is located. One day I heard that they were going to start making cable trays as well as mesh wall partitions. As cable trays are of particular interest to us at Elkedjan, I got in touch with Andreas Gotmark, sales manager at Axelent. That was two or three years ago.”

What was the most important requirement for you when choosing a supplier?

“That the products would be as good as, or preferably better, than what we already had.”

Which Axelent products have you ordered?

“The cable tray range from the X-Tray brand. These products fit the electrical industry like a glove.”

What is your opinion of Axelent as a supplier?

“Axelent are always at the forefront of developments and set out to succeed in everything they do.”

The pictures show Slite Strandby on Gotland. The splendid pier is illuminated by a 125-metre LED strip,
11 w/m. The strip is held in place with the help of X-Tray cable trays.

About Elkedjan Teknik

Elkedjan Teknik is a network of over 200 member companies throughout Sweden. It is the largest network of its kind with 1,700 electricians on its books.

The company was founded in 1966 and is part of the ELON Group. Elkedjan Teknik’s philosophy is to provide a turnkey solution of product, installation and service. Regardless of the size of the contract, the company always emanates from a holistic approach based on four elements: analysis, consultation, electrical installation and service.

News, Axelent Wire Tray

“Axelent Wire Tray AB became part of Axelent AB on September 1, 2016. As we have so many joint customers, there are only advantages and positive synergies to be gained from being part of the same company. The change enables us to pool our resources and pursue our marketing activities with even more gusto. The merger entails no major changes and all the contact people are the same.”

– Andreas Gotmark, Sales Manager, Axelent AB

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