NCC Norsborg - A mountain of possibilities

Deep in the rock under Norsborg in southern in Stockholm, a tube train depot is slowly taking shape. The new garage will comprise of three tunnel sidings blasted in the rock. The trains gain access via a 320-metre long concrete tunnel with a workshop above. The scheme goes by the name of Norsborg Depot and is a joint project between NCC and Greater Stockholm Public Transport (SL). Axelent’s task has been to secure the area around the trains’ lifting devices.

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The starting shot for the Norsborg project was when the decision was made to introduce a new a traffic control system on the Red Line to increase the amount of traffic and purchase new, more comfortable carriages.

The project comprises of a workshop depot for the tube trains with workshop and offices above ground, a washing hall in the rock and the installation of rails, electricity signal system and telecommunications above ground and underground. The new depot will be used to service and wash the new tube trains.

610 metres of mesh walls

Axelent Team Construction are best known for their mesh walls, which are used to create safe and secure storeroom solutions, but as we always strive to meet our customers’ needs, our F type mesh wall was given a completely new task in the Norsborg project. The mesh walls were used to build 24 cages in various sizes. These cages protect 40 lifts placed on columns. The lifts lift the trains to level four. The columns, placed on level three, ensure that the lifts do their job on the above level.

Photo: NCC



Sebastian Wangmo, Purchasing, NCC:

“Flexibility and service were important to us when choosing a supplier. Somebody who saw possibilities with our project.

Axelent Team Construction ticked all the boxes. We went for both material and fitting to ensure a smooth installation. It’s assuring to know that the fitting is being taken care of by the same company. It makes things a lot easier in the event of problems arising. You just contact support immediately to solve the problem.”

Karin Morén, Supervisor, NCC:

“As a supervisor I must say that things have gone very smoothly with Axelent as our supplier. The products have been delivered on time and the service has been good. The onsite fitters have been very helpful and willing to compromise and find new solutions when unforeseen obstacles have arisen.”

Photo: Erik Mårtensson, Photographer, NCC AB


NCC is one of the leading construction and property development companies in northern Europe with sales of SEK 62 billion and a workforce of 18,000.

With the Nordics as its domestic market, NCC is active throughout the value chain in developing and building residential and commercial buildings, industrial facilities and public buildings, and roads and other infrastructure.


NCC core business is the production of aggregates for construction schemes and paving and road services. NCC creates future environments for working, living and communication based on responsible construction that provides sustainable interaction between people and the environment.


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