Corporate citizenship

Axelent must be a positive force in the communities in which we operate. We are always politically independent and are happy to engage in charity projects and sponsorships.

"The goal of all sponsorship is that Axelent should make a difference for the sponsored individual or team, who will have greater opportunities to practice their sport."


Regardless of where in the world Axelent operates, good relationships are to be regarded as key to our long-term success. We believe that every society is unique in its own right, and every Axelent company must strive to understand the society of which it is a part.


Axelent’s most important contribution to the communities in which it operates is to conduct the core business as efficiently as possible. But in a workplace that is permeated by a social, ethical and environmental sustainability mindset, there is of course a lot of room for local involvement in charity and sponsorship. 


Having a wider perspective and the will to see beyond our own business is another cornerstone that has been with us since the early 1990s. Now as then, an important part of Axelent’s CSR work is to be a committed and positive force in the communities in which the business units operate. In doing so, they feel a social responsibility for people who are worse off and, for various reasons, not as fortunate. Charity work can take the form of various charitable projects or sponsorship of the arts, sports and education. A commitment that has been around for a long time is the support for the DGSS orphanage in Egypt, a place where children with needs get a chance to escape poverty and a life on the street.


Our business commitments and our relationships with our customers, suppliers and employees should always be based on high ethical and moral standards. Axelent has a duty to keep accurate accounts, in accordance with all applicable standards. This applies to every aspect of the business. All employees are responsible for maintaining thorough and accurate accounts and documentation, so that our business can be conducted efficiently. 


Axelent must comply with the tax laws and regulations in force in all countries in which the company operates. Through our representatives/resellers/agents in these countries, we have a duty to actively comply with the relevant tax laws and regulations. Should these laws and regulations fail to provide clear guidance, meticulous attention to detail and transparency must be our guiding principles.


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