Single sliding door with aluminum rail – Ideal choice for truck aisles and high-bay warehouses


The environment in which the machine safety door is to be installed is important when making the decision, because there are doors which are not suitable for all types of surroundings. For example, a humid environment can affect the condition of the door. However, our single sliding doors can be used in most environments. For example:  

  • Industrial and warehouse premises 
  • High-bay warehouses 
  • Storage solutions 
  • Openings in area boundaries 

Does the door need to be supplemented with other products? 

What is inside the fence door usually determines the choice of lock and safety function. Storage of simpler tools does not normally require installation of switches and sensors. However, they will be required to prevent access to hazardous machines and robots.  

Advantageous features of the door: 

  • No special panels are needed for the door 
  • Suitable for most environments and work areas 
  • Ideal choice when there is a lack of space 
  • Can be used together with our cable trays 

Watch our installation movie or read more about the product here!

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Single sliding door with aluminum rail – the customer's most common choice

Ideal choice for truck aisles and high-bay warehouses. Click to get more information!

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