Karin Sandén Ahlqvist takes over as CEO for Axelent

Karin Sandén Ahlqvist has been appointed as the new CEO of Axelent AB. Since 2019, Karin has been Head of Marketing for the Group and for the last 12 months has been Deputy and Acting CEO. Before that, Karin was Head of Marketing for the Bufab Group for just over seven years. Karin succeeds Amanda Hilding who will continue as an active partner, and work with the Axelent Group's overall group work.  

Karin Sandén

"We have gotten to know Karin and worked closely with her for several years and we have great confidence in her. She has strategic competence, business sense and an ability to communicate internally and externally. As owners and board members, we feel confident that Karin will lead Axelent into the future and develop Axelent into an even stronger company. We wish Karin good luck", says Mats Hilding, Chairman of the Board of Axelent Group. 

"I feel very happy and honored to be entrusted to continue to lead Axelent forward. My first years with Axelent have been intense but very exciting. I am impressed by what the entire team at Axelent has accomplished. Axelent has a strong position in the market and is a fantastic brand," says Karin. 

Over the past year, Axelent has undergone a major strategic transformation that has focused on development and synergies throughout the Axelent AB Group.  

“It is important that we as a company are open to change to meet the challenges of the future. At the same time, it is also important for us to preserve our strengths, traditions and values that have been part of our history and that have shaped us into the company we are today. This is a balancing act that requires courage, creativity and a deep understanding of our history and culture". 

"I look forward to Axelent growing even stronger anddeveloping the team we have. Growth is part of our DNA. We will continue to be brave and passionate by pushing the industry and we will continue to deliver safe working environments to the whole world. It makes me proud to continue representing Axelent and what we stand for”, Karin says. 

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