Choosing the right hinged door

X-Guard hinged doors are available in three versions: single, double and combined. Here’s a quick guide outlining the easiest way to choose the right door based on your needs and preferences.

The doors in Axelent’s X-Guard series can be quickly and easily incorporated in a range of working environments. The reason for choosing a hinged door – where space permits – is to create simple doorways for people, goods and machines. However, it’s important to already at an early stage identify and establish why a hinged door is your best option. Here are three simple rules to consider.

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Single hinged door)


What is the door going to be used for?

Do you want the door to resemble a ‘normal’ door to be used by people to pass through? In that case, a single hinged door is ideal, as it resembles a conventional door in many ways. The available space determines the choice of door: if there’s space for a swing door, then invest in a hinged door. Single hinged doors are available in widths of up to 1.5 metres and, as well as for doorways, they’re also a good choice for emergency exits. The doors can be supplemented with different types of safety switches and locks for monitoring purposes.

Double hinged door


What does the cell or workstation require?

Is there a need for a larger opening, allowing pallets or larger goods to pass while retaining the benefits of a swing door? A double hinged door is the sensible alternative, providing an opening up to 3 metres wide. The width depends in part on the chosen panel and mechanism. Just like the single hinged door, our double hinged doors are easy to assemble and quickly incorporated into your workplace.

Combined hinged and sliding door)


Determine the size of the opening and the maximum headroom.

Thorough preparations are the alpha and omega in many cases, and workplace doors are certainly no exception. Jot down or sketch the intended workstation, its use and its size. Note that as standard hinged doors come with a top frame fitting and as such have a maximum height of 3 metres. We do, however, offer a single hinged door without a top frame fitting. You also have the option of choosing a door of ‘normal height’ and using, for example, a mesh panel as an overlying structure to reach a high ceiling. With good planning, you can start out on a smaller scale and then easily upgrade your X-Guard installations as needs arise.

If you’d like an even larger opening, you may have to consider the sliding doors in the X-Guard series instead. Contact us here at Axelent and we’ll propose a solution that meets your needs! 


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