Launching our improved plastic and sheet metal range

Safety, flexibility, modularity, quick to assemble and sustainability. These are some of our key check points when developing new products. And our new refined plastic and sheet metal range is no exception. 

For us it’s important to always have these criteria’s in top of our mind to meet the demand from the market. 


Why have we done this updated on our plastic and sheet metal assortment? Here are the most important reasons: 

  • The new design without the cross tube in the middle of the panel, will give you a totally new amazing look 
  • We have open up for extended flexibility with this update and made it even more modular 
  • Increased resistance and performance by the improved quality of the design 
  • Unique door panels prepared for our locks with faster assembly. Improved benefits of the door packages with updated components. 
  • The new dimension thickness of the sheet metal, 0,7 mm, has resulted in a more lighter product to work with 


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